Where To Find Gold Along Streams & River Bends

by Prospector Jess
Gold Paystreak Location

This video is from an 8 part series that covers where gold goes in a storm. It reveals how gold travels during intense floods. Watch the video above to see what flood patterns you should look for.

When you’re looking at one of these areas where streambeds turn, it is important to understand what that turning motion does to gold and how it concentrates.

Specifically in high floods, it’s very important to capture the idea in this video that I mentioned: how that flow turned and how the gold concentrates. You will want to look where the gold will be pushed by that turning, moving, gyrating engine called a river.


The most important thing to look for here is the relationship between curves and bends and where gold tends to concentrate. Again, the main take away here is to see the patterns you should look for in rivers.

Good Prospecting,

Prospector Jess