Where Placer Gold Deposits In A Storm

by Prospector Jess

So in this post I want to discuss a little bit about where does gold go in a storm. This is a topic talked about quite a bit in an 8 part video series I did a while back. We’re going to look at part 7 of 8, specifically looking at sampling for gold.

The reason I emphasize sampling for gold so much is that you’re really looking to solve the problem of where the gold is concentrated. Without solving that problem, you’re going to find yourself digging through an awful lot of overburden. Overburden is simply the dirt, rocks, and cobbles layered above the gold.

To find the gold you have to remove all those layers, perhaps even tons of material.

Yeah, that much – so you obviously need to reduce that down to something more manageable. This depends a lot on the gear that you have to move those tons of rock and minerals.

So the question for you to consider is; where should you be sampling post flood?

That is the important question that I get into in this video clip, specifically showing you where you want to focus your sampling and how you can save yourself work. I also mention a few caveats about the kind of thing you want to avoid for safety.

The reason I really make a big point about sampling because it’s probably the number one fail point for most people’s gold prospecting plans. They don’t sample enough and they don’t really plan the sample steps properly when they do.

So they don’t have a plan, nor do they consistently follow it when they do have a plan. They get tired and restless, so they start digging everywhere. That’s a big mistake. We see this pattern of prospecting on gold rush TV all too often. It can lead to a disaster and a big waste of money, time and effort.

You don’t have to do that, just take a look at this video snippet and see what you think.

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Good Prospecting,

Prospector Jess