Gold Prospecting Video

Gold prospecting videos

Oroville Dam and Flood Gold

Hey, it's Prospector Jess. I'm gonna bring you a little bit of a current event right now. You've heard of Lake Oroville, or the Oroville...

How to use topo maps and gold maps to find gold

Hey, it's Prospector Jess. I thought I'd come by and give you a little bit of a detailed explanation of something people have been asking...

Gold classifier sieve meets Newton’s law

Hey, it's Prospector Jess here. I'm gonna talk a little bit about Newton's law of motion or F=ma, force equals mass times acceleration. Or another...

Core Sample from the Homestake Gold Mine

Hey, welcome. This is prospector Jess and I wanted to show you something special. This particular sample that we're looking at right here, is a sample,...
Jamestown California Motherlode Gold rush big 18 ounce gold nugget found off woods creek.

Jamestown California Motherlode Gold Region full of Nugget History

18 ounces of gold in one "steak sized" nugget Well another great gold nugget has just been found along Wood's Creek. Right in the heart...

Q&A – What’s Your #1 Prospecting Question?

I asked some of the Gold Prospectors on the "Hunting For Gold" Facebook page the following question: First, Watch these 2 videos for the Questions...
Gold Rocks Identificationvideo

Gold Rock Identification Steps When Gold Prospecting

Here are 5 simple steps you need to learn to be able to quickly perform Gold Rock Identification. Take a look at this video for...

5 Useful Ways to Identify Gold

Watch the short video to see 5 ways to ID gold; Every so often we need to know if the thing we discovered while prospecting...

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