El Nino Gold and Floods

by Prospector Jess

Hey, It’s Prospector Jess,

I’m here to bring another point to you about what’s going on in the world of gold. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about weather, not whether or not, but weather and how it influences gold.

Specifically, I’ve just received notice that the national weather service announced that there’s an increased probability of an El Nino weather pattern this year. What does that mean to you, and how does it affect gold?

So let’s talk a little bit about what an El Nino is. For example, I’ve drawn a little picture here on the board and I’m going to go over what that diagram means.

So with my handy artwork here, you can see, a reference to a gold weather alert, El-Nino and gold. Specifically. What we’re going to be looking at is how the sun influences the earth’s climate. Specifically, the water temperature in the North Pacific and South Pacific and how that plays into gold location and its movement.

What we look at here is the warming of this equatorial area and how it affects east pacific weather specifically. You can see these little swirly’s here, those are current hurricanes. Seeing those form both in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Pacific at the same time from the same basic source, the sun. So as that happens we get more and more weather activity, which floods the land with more and more water, which in turn flushes the gold down stream. You see the pattern? So I’m going to show you a little bit more about that, but the gist of it is the same.

Anytime you see a year where we get a lot of this El Nino activity, we start thinking gold and the reason is those are going to generate floods big enough that will move significant gold into placer prospects. That significant placer gold can also equal finding better gold lodes because now you have fresh input coming down the slope from where lode gold is being eroded. It all plays the same role, but its these hurricanes [and related atmospheric rivers] that drive that kind of weather, that kind of flooding, and they’re driven in turn by this warming of the oceans, which is driven in turn by the sun. See the cause and effect?

The Sun causes warming of the oceans. The oceans caused these hurricanes. Hurricanes caused the flooding.

So that’s it for today. I’ll bring up more a little bit later, but for now. And that is how it is. El Nino gold produced by warming of the ocean and flooding of the continent. Stay tuned for more.

Good Prospecting!
Prospector Jess — Over and out.