Gold in Lake Oroville

by Prospector Jess

Hey, this is prospector Jess.

I thought I’d do a little flyover here. I’m gonna show you a bit about what happened with Lake Oroville and kind of tie it into what we’re talking about right now, which is how do I find gold, or where do I find gold? Of course, the first question you wanna ask yourself is:

“Where has it been found before?”

Now, I’ve just plugged in the USGS gold finds for the area around Lake Oroville, and that will give you an idea of where the gold has been found before. The idea here is, wherever people have traced it to in terms of load, you wanna go downhill, downstream away from that to find more gold.

You also wanna make sure you have adequate access rights, so don’t claim jump.

So, we start with a map. That gives us a location. It gives us some of the concepts of what we’re looking for, different kinds of sites that have been found over historic time, ones that are still open or not.

You wanna look at: terrains, the flood conditions, and what happens in that area if it floods. Where does the gold go away from the sites that are located? It’s all very important stuff.

This basically all dovetails into something that I’ve shown elsewhere in my government gold maps report, but you can look at that when you get to it. Right now I just wanted to show you what you can do and where to go.  So there you go. And that’s it for now. Prospector Jess over and out. Have fun. Good prospecting.