Oroville and Don Pedro Dam and Gold Prospecting


Hey! It’s Prospector Jess again.

I wanted to talk a little bit more about this dam condition we have going on here. We now have Lake Oroville, and its dam is over topping the spillway, as well as Don Pedro, which is another lake here in California.

Both of these are very large reservoirs, and they both are in gold country. So it’s of interest of us to look at when it comes to gold and gold prospecting.

The conditions that led up to this are related directly to what we would global warming, but it’s natural causes, not man-made causes. That is, the solar influx has changed due to sunspot activities in the recent years. This is a very important thing, because it dwarfs anything man would ever do. And it gives rise to these atmospheric rivers that we’ve heard so much about in recent times.

These rivers can deliver huge amounts of water, tens of inches in an overnight period, that when they go into one of these reservoirs can cause them to over top in a matter of days.

So it’s an important thing to recognize. The thing I wanted to talk about right now is erosion and how erosion takes place and drives gold downstream.

I’m gonna talk specifically about the case of Don Pedro, because it’s something of interest related to earth, wind, as in these atmospheric conditions, and fire. So earth, wind, and fire. Let’s take a look.