Woo Hoo, High water means gold!

by Prospector Jess

It’s important to know where the prior floods flowed.

But how do you know just how high the water was during flood stage?

This video I describe a couple of things to look for when you’re out and about looking for gold. As you know you need to know how fast the water was moving in the only way to really find that out during the flood flow is to know the changes in shape of the river cross-section during flood stage. Summer flow doesn’t tell you much of anything except where the low water is flowing right now and maybe where the trout are hiding 🙂

You need to know more. You’ll need to become a little like a hydro-geologist or at least have some understanding of the flood-waters.

To start with take a look at this video clip. It will give you a few tips on what to start looking for and mapping out so till find more gold. Let me know what tips you’ll take to the field next time to make sure that you’ll be able to find that big gold nugget that’s been hiding from you.

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