The 5 Stages of Gold Prospecting

by Prospector Jess

Process makes perfect…

Hello, this is Prospector Jess. I’m going to take you through my five stage gold finding process. How I find gold in a simple and repeatable sequence of stages.

When you have a gold process, a means by which you can reliably and repeatably search for gold, it’ll limit the effort wasted in searching, it’ll allow you to focus on valuable gold sites, gives you a no-brainer approach to finding gold, and allows you to scale up your search and find even more gold with ease. And of course, it makes finding gold more fun, yup that’s going to be a lot more fun.

So let’s look at my process diagram here. So in my five stages of gold finding, the first thing you’re going to look at is realize that more good gold sites in a region will give you a better probability of finding good gold in that region. It’s pretty obvious. So we’ll start with that fact first.

Start up there where it says start here, select the gold region. You can base that on any reason you want, including where you’re going to go vacation, or you have friends in the area, or it’s near where you live. Or any other excuse to go find gold.

In stage one, we research the regions. That way we find out what sites we want to prospect. Make a determination of what gold has been found in the area and it’s history.

Stage two, survey those sites when we arrive at them. We look at areas and decide what samples we want to collect using methods that I teach you about reading a creek and some other techniques that you’ll see.

Stage three, sampling for gold. Precisely how and where to sample for gold, where you’re likely to find gold, and how to map that because that plays a significant role in the next few steps. Stage four, locating that pay streak. Finding where the ribbon of gold runs through your site. Those gold pave streaked locations becomes part of what you use when you go mine and build a mining plan in stage five.

In stage five I call it mine gold or move out. Basically you’re going to look for gold and you’re going to get more clues. Even if you don’t find gold here, you’re going to find things that are going to tell you where the gold is. And of course, your goal is to get gold.

Now if you move out you simply move back to stage two or even stage one, you could. But if you move back to stage two you’ll be able to continue on surveying more sites that you collected in your research. And this is a simple process that we walk you through.

So where can you go find more about this kind of process?

Well you can visit your public library and do lots of research, or you can check out Hunting4Gold’s video reports and perhaps take a course using these five stages from an experienced mentor in gold prospecting and gold finding. Check out

See you then,
Prospector Jess over and out.