How Do I Start Finding Gold In My Area?

by Prospector Jess
Panning for Gold

How do I find gold in my area? It’s amazing how often I get asked this question by so many people. Although it’s not too surprising when you think about what’s really being requested.

The questions behind this is quite simple:“Is there gold near me? Can I find that gold easily?”

Let me give you a couple of tips that I use to answer this question myself and maybe it’ll help you. First and foremost is to familiarize yourself with some of the readily available tools on the web because these are easy to access and don’t require to get out in the field yet.

One of these methods I liked called the gold search because all I’m really doing is using Google,Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine to find web results related to gold locations and gold history after all where there’s gold history there must’ve been gold right? So let’s start with a few of those search keywords that might be useful.

Try the list below to start your search with these:1. Gold in [location]2. Gold prospecting near [location]3. Gold history near [location]

For example -Search: Gold history near monte cristo mine washington

Of course you get the idea, once you try it you should get a little creative especially if you know some unusual names for the mines or locations such as, “Monte Cristo mine, Washington” you’ll begin to have a blast stringing these site links together and collect your own gold mine research documents. This will form the basis of further investigation both off-line and online. Try it.

See —,_Washington

This process is just the beginning of your search thread. What you’re looking for here in our patterns of minds and their locations stream beds and their proximity to those minds along with historic evidence and geologic evidence to support the existence of more gold in locations that you are considering prospecting and mining at. It’s pretty simple, but it will take you some practice.

It’s often a lot of fun to sit down after dinner and simply start putting together the puzzle surrounding the location you are interested in. The mistake many people make is to assume that others must know more than they do about these locations which may or may not be true when in reality you can sit down and do a fair amount of this research right from your desktop.

More on this type of desktop gold mine research later, when I talk about how to use the USGS MRDS to generate maps of these locations. That’s a post for another time.