Jamestown California Motherlode Gold Region full of Nugget History

by Prospector Jess
Jamestown California Motherlode Gold rush big 18 ounce gold nugget found off woods creek.

18 ounces of gold in one “steak sized” nugget

Well another great gold nugget has just been found along Wood’s Creek. Right in the heart of the Jamestown California Motherlode Gold region. Jamestown is Just north west of the northern entrance to Yosemite on route 120.

(Note: California highways 49, 120 & 128 all cross right next to or through Jamestown)

The 18 ounces of gold was found in one “steak sized” nugget over the weekend.

Because its such high quality it will likely bring a great price to the right collector (perhaps even as high as $70,000.) That’s one of the reasons you must be careful when handling larger nuggets.

Jamestown California 18 ounce gold nugget found over Labor day 2016

This newly discovered nugget is likely to spur another gold rush of its own as have many others in the recent past in the Jamestown California Motherlode Gold area.

For example, the Harvard Mine site next to woods creek was the location of a huge 98% pure crystalline gold specimen that was mined on Christmas day in 1992.

The Harvard Mine, just south of Jamestown. Discovered in 1859, the mine has produced about 800,000 ounces of gold, worth about $1.3 billion at 2014 prices. The mine closed in 1994.

Jamestown California is a great little gold rush town

Jamestown is a great little gold rush town nestled in the southern motherlode and Sierra Nevada foothill region near the towns of Sonora and Columbia California.

There has been a history of significant gold finds near Jamestown along Woods creek and in the many lode mines that dot the landscape surrounding this area.

Gold rush history abounds all around these towns. You can even ride a steam train from Jamestown in season. The Columbia state park is a great place to take the family to learn all about California’s gold rush. Lake New Melones and Don Pedro provide opportunity for recreation nearby as well. For more on finding gold, see this article.