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What does helical flow have to do with storms?

I have been asked, what's helical flow got to do with storms?  I dug up my short 2m video snippet that explains it. Remember this...

How To Find Gold Near You

In today's post I thought I provide you with a sample of one of our most popular videos, government gold maps. Want to know...

Where NOT To Find Gold

Sluice sampling for gold
When you hear the phrase "Gold is where you find it", what does it mean to you? Leave a comment, or your personal gold...

What Gold Prospecting Group Are You In?

Why Belong toa Gold Prospecting Group?
Today I'm going to delve into the topic of how you can accelerate your gold prospecting abilities while helping others. It is well known that...

Updates for Hunting4Gold & Sourdough Miner!

Hunting4Gold has a new look and feel
Take a look at the updates we're making for you at both of our sites and , These are part of some...

Gold Claim Safety Example from D’arcy Cooper

Take a look at this video clip, I started it a bit into the video where gold prospector D'arcy Cooper explains a near miss...

What’s “Sourdough Miner” All About?

The phrase "Sourdough" comes directly from the 1849'ers of the gold rush when these miner's would make their bread from a special brew of fermented yeast....

Great Grandad Was a 49’er

My Great Grandad was a 49'er...  So, I guess gold fever runs in the family ;-) So often I hear about different peoples roots and a...

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