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And now… world-famous Prospector Jess (who owns over 120 acres of gold bearing property near the Mother Lode region of Sonora, California) asks you to:

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    Prospector Jess’s message to you is quite simple: He wants you to know that as a gold prospecting coach for the past decade, he has seen just about every mistake a rookie prospector can make.

    And he believes that virtually ALL mistakes CAN BE PREVENTED! 

    Let him tell you about his discovery now, in his own words:

    "... I have discovered three “Pillars of Prospecting” that can help you locate gold. The prospectors who are following my method of systematically pinpointing and recovering gold are finding gold flakes and nuggets in their pans, and are having a ton of fun doing so at the same time.

    "The first pillar is that gold concentration is NOT random. In my experience, gold is moved by gravity and water-flow, which forces gold to concentrate in distinct patterns along streams and riverbeds.

    "The second pillar is that in almost all cases, heavy equipment isn’t necessary for gold discovery. There aren’t many benefits to buying heavier equipment unless your situation specifically calls for it. But it doesn’t surprise me that newfangled equipment goes on sale every year.

    "The third pillar is that gold can be found systematically by understanding maps, terrain, and water flow.

    “These three pillars are based on scientific trial and error testing, gathered through years of successfully mining and recovering gold. My goal is to show gold prospectors how to use what they already have available, and what nature uses to point us toward the gold.

    “My systematic prospecting methods are the single best way to gain actionable gold prospecting knowledge with the best training you can get."


    The secret of helical flow: Gold is often concentrated in certain places in streams and rivers due to helical flow, a little-known secret of how gold moves and concentrates. This natural gold-concentrating force of nature and water flow has the potential to give you more gold than you’ve dreamed of!

    How to know where the gold is. (Hint: you want to start looking where gold has already been discovered!)

    Discover what most prospectors don't know about geology and topography, and how to create your own maps the right way so you can quickly and easily locate big gold paystreaks.

    HOW TO FIND GOLD AND STAY WITHIN YOUR RIGHTS when prospecting in unfamiliar territory by contacting claim owners before you ever leave home.

    • How to recognize GOLD INDICATORS—in river or desert regions, by observing visible signs that show where the gold will and won’t be.

    How prospectors can find more gold doing less work—without expensive equipment—when their prospecting strategy is right.

    And much more! That’s just a small sample of the fascinating help you can get with my gold prospecting system.


    Laszlo Soltesz said: "Thank you Prospector Jess. Once again a very informative video. Watching your videos has helped me find more and larger flakes of gold in the same streams I have been panning micro gold for years.”

    Carole Masson said: "Thank you Jess, I am a newbie exploring the creek behind me. You have helped a lot with the rock identification…"

    Ken Jett said: “All my mining has been in Ohio mostly in glacial deposits and you nailed it perfectly.”

    Bugs Wyatt said: “I bought a md20 and tested some chalcopyrite I found. Sent a sample to raygrimmer for an assay, it has gold silver and platinum in it.
    And everyone said it was just pyrite!”

    This Gold Finding System Has Worked
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    Once again, Prospector Jess believes that you can find gold—flour gold, flakes, coarse gold, nuggets—even silver, platinum, and gemstones—with the training and expertise you receive in the Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club!

    For example —

    Chris, a gold prospector from Arizona was struggling to identify various rocks and minerals for several years. Now Chris says,

    "Thank you for sharing your education through these videos! They have helped me immensely in my search for gold/silver & other precious metal deposits."

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    The same simple gold finding system helped a prospector who just couldn’t seem to locate any gold. He didn’t have any understanding of rocks, minerals, topography or what clues lead to gold. After just a few hours of going through Prospector Jess’s training, he knew exactly where he was going to go find gold on his next outing.

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    The expert: Prospector Jess

    "Early in my career, when I began prospecting, I decided to learn everything I could about how to find gold. I came to the conclusion that this knowledge and training is what made the difference in my ability to know where gold is, and how to recover it.

    It was not long until, after some sweat, effort, and scientific trial and error, I discovered and documented the methods that you can use to find gold too.“You can save a great deal of time and effort spent on searching for gold, and find even more gold while doing so."

    After a decade of practice, Prospector Jess decided to share his expertise with other prospectors. He is still prospecting and training prospectors around the world. Many of his students attribute their prospecting success to his training. The wealth of knowledge Prospector Jess has put together allowed them to fulfill their dream of finding gold.
    P.O. Box 5744 Oxnard CA 93031 USA

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