Where Does Gold Fit in Life

by Prospector Jess

Hey everybody! It’s Prospector Jess from Hunting4Gold.com. I’m here tonight with a topic that I wanted to go over with you. We’ve been talking a lot about various things to help you find gold, you, and you can find links on that. I’ve got, the offers on 20-20, GGM, all that stuff.

However, what I really want to go over tonight is something that’s very near and dear to me. That something is that, over the last couple of weeks I’ve lost a sister, and then, just this weekend lost a very dear friend, who is also somebody that is going to be my son’s father in law. So it’s one of these things where you just stop, and it’s shocking, and there’s no way to really explain or talk about it to anybody, but the reality is that this happens in life.

You should always look at gold as something that’s just an adjunct and fun, and not the end in itself. But those you love and those you are near to are precious like gold. And so any opportunity you have to spend time with people and to get to know them, show them that you love them, or tell them that you love them, you should take that opportunity because that is gold.

That’s just a pointer about prospecting, keep it in mind, and keep this whole thing we’re talking about in the right frame of mind. It’s very easy, especially if you start finding gold or valuable things to lose track of the value that you have in the God given friends and family that you have near you, even the ones you don’t necessarily get along with. That’s true of my case.

It’s one of those things where you learn quickly that there is value in every relationship, and every situation with every person, that far exceeds the value in something that other people perceive as being valuable, such as gold.

I just wanted to give you that little miner’s tip, keep digging, keep prospecting, and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time going over this. I just wanted to let you know what was on my mind.

I’ve had some people ask questions. Frankly, I’m kind of in shock and it’s a little difficult to discuss. That’s something we do, particularly engineers and prospectors. We tend to bury our feelings, because it’s something we’re used to doing and it’s not necessarily a healthy thing. Just remember to keep yourself going and keep going after those you love, and know that there’s gold in that, and gold in those relationships.

It’s so important. That’s it for tonight. I was going to make it a real short and sweet thing.

I think we’ll go into a little more detail. I’ve had some people ask questions about the angular aspect of last night’s video, versus the curved surfaces on gold and what did I mean by angular? So I’ll talk more about that later, and we’ll get into more of that detail. I’ve had several people request more detail on the different sites.

We might try some other approaches to what we’re doing, but I just thought I’d dropped this kind of public service note about a situation that’s going on, and let you know. If you have situations going on, make sure you take care of those you love. It’s really important and it is gold, really gold.

That’s the good stuff.

Prospector Jess, over and out for tonight.