How and Where to Find Gold (Top 6 Videos)

by Prospector Jess

When hunting for gold, never overlook the power of a simple web search for key phrases about gold prospecting and gold mining. In this case using YouTube’s video search tool to find videos on how to “find gold.”

Watch these gold prospecting videos:

1. GOLD. How to and where to find gold. – Video by: Liz Kreate

In this video we are shown how to find gold that is lying around bedrock. This video’s host, Liz, cleans out the area around the bedrock using both a pick and her bare hands. After she does this she shows the results of the dirt she collected in her pan. There are some small nuggets! It starts out with her already at the bedrock so it is not the most informative if you want to know more about finding bedrock. Nevertheless, it still does a good job of demonstrating what to do once you have found the bedrock.

2. Rocks and gold- How rocks tell you where to find gold – Video By: Prospector Jess

This video talks about the clues that the rocks in a potential gold prospecting site tell us about where the gold is. It is an hour long, but that just makes it all the more detailed and informative. An hour of learning about the answers that rocks give us in our quest for the gold in different areas? Alright! Let’s do this!

3. How to Find Gold!!!! In a gravel bar!!! – Video By: Marc Prinz

This video covers finding gold in a gravel bar. The man who hosts the video has a map drawn out that marks the spots that are likely to hold gold. He also looks for clues from people who left their equipment behind, hoping their work will help lead him toward gold. Finally, he briefly goes over the tools he is going to use, bucket, gold pan, etc.

4. How to find gold!!! In rivers and creeks – Video by: Ask Jeff Williams

In this video, Jeff Williams demonstrates how to find gold in rivers and creeks. The impressive part of this is he does not even need a real creek or river. He remains in his backyard at his home. How he does it is he makes a pretend creek using his sluice box, his water hose, and some dirt, rocks, and gravel. Watch this video to see what he does, I was impressed!


5. Gold in Home Depot sand!!! – Video By: Ask Jeff Williams

In this video, Jeff Williams goes to home depot and buys some bags of home depot sand. Why does he do this? What could it possibly have to do with finding gold. Well be prepared for to be surprised when he pans out some of said home depot sand. The results are simply golden!

What are your thoughts, and which video was your favorite? Share your questions and comments with us, go ahead and leave a comment below!