Finding Gold FAQ’s

by Prospector Jess

When it comes to gold prospecting, there are some common questions that I get asked over and over.

A few of them are vital to success as a gold prospector, and having the answers to these questions will help improve your odds of finding gold, and fast. I answer 3 of the most important questions on this page so, if you want to find more gold faster, keep reading!

In this article I’m going to assume that you already have a location in mind for a starting gold prospecting site. You can look at my other articles later on how to get started with that initial site research step.

Helical flow and flat topology patterns for gold deposits along river bends

Helical flow and flat topology patterns for gold deposits along river bends

For now, focus on this stream map diagram. This diagram shows something worth knowing, and applies to any gold site. Take note of the red line down the stream flow shown. This indicates the most likely path the good stuff to travel. This means the gold will line up and concentrate for you…

This is often called the “S-Curve”, which is a bit of a misnomer as I’ll soon show you.

But first, here’s a simple FAQ that will help you read this diagram:

Q1: Where does gold concentrate on a stream bend?
A1: The gold tends to concentrate along the S curve because that’s how moving water flow (even in deserts) will push the heavy dense materials like boulders and gold in a flood. That’s a good first step in seeing gold in your site…

Q2: Why does gold make these S curves?
A2: The S curves represent a stable zone in the flow forces where gold just begins to drop out of water flow. The reason they are in a line is a property of water flow in a stream called helical flow. That flow property causes water to sweep gold in a unique way. It will affect not only corner bends but straight lines too. Thus, it’s not only about S-curves!

Q3: Is the helical flow the only thing to cause gold to concentrate?
A3: No its not the only thing, but I would say its probably one of the two most important factors in being able to predict where placer or alluvial gold is. Knowing the details of why something like this works makes a huge difference in your ability to zero in on pay-leads fast.

As you can see, these questions pretty much answer why the “S-Curve” is a misnomer. I could go on in detail here about what you should be looking for and how to see it in real world scenarios, but I have already written extensively on that subject and how to find where the gold goes in your favorite prospecting locations.

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