How To Find Gold Near You

by Prospector Jess

In today’s post I thought I provide you with a sample of one of our most popular videos, government gold maps. Want to know where you can find gold near you? Then read on…

In this video I demonstrate how to use the USGS MRDS system to provide you with a simple and free source of maps to help you locate gold nearest you. Take a look, as it’s only a couple minutes long so it shouldn’t take much time to watch.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to map gold all over the world, and locate areas near you. In the demonstration I will show you how to do it in California, but this process works pretty much anywhere, so you’ll get the idea.

I thought it would also be instructive for me to give you little bit of a homework assignment to use this instructional video to create a simple gold map of the 10 miles around your favorite gold prospecting site.

If you don’t have one, start with your state and zero in on a place you’d like to visit. Pull up the map and start looking into the resulting area and and see what you can find.

The USGS MRDS gold finding system is a terrific tool to start your research on-line and off-site.

Go ahead give it a try. Above all, have some fun with it!

Good prospecting!

Prospector Jess 😀