Gold Prospecting Video

Gold prospecting videos

What are you looking for?

  What are you looking at? When it comes to hunting for gold it's important to notice several characteristic attributes of the stream bed that you...

Where to find gold related minerals

Minerals and gold One group of questions I was asked grouped around how to find gold using the rocks and minerals it associates with. That...

Jamestown California Motherlode Gold Region full of Nugget History

Jamestown California Motherlode Gold rush big 18 ounce gold nugget found off woods creek.
18 ounces of gold in one "steak sized" nugget Well another great gold nugget has just been found along Wood's Creek. Right in the heart...

Oroville Dam and Flood Gold

Hey, it's Prospector Jess. I'm gonna bring you a little bit of a current event right now. You've heard of Lake Oroville, or the Oroville...

Core Sample from the Homestake Gold Mine

Hey, welcome. This is prospector Jess and I wanted to show you something special. This particular sample that we're looking at right here, is a sample,...

Woo Hoo, High water means gold!

It's important to know where the prior floods flowed. But how do you know just how high the water was during flood stage? This video I...

Gold classifier sieve meets Newton’s law

Hey, it's Prospector Jess here. I'm gonna talk a little bit about Newton's law of motion or F=ma, force equals mass times acceleration. Or another...

The Gold Prospecting Experience

An experience like no other... Looking at the gold prospecting experience we can see that there's so many interesting and exciting things that go into...

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