Did You Know - Expert Prospectors Are Able To Pinpoint EXACTLY Where Gold Hides? Well, Now You Can Too!

How To Locate Gold Using Nature's "Clues"

It really is possible to quickly and easily find gold at your favorite prospecting location!

That's right: every gold location you'll come across will have natural “clues” hidden around.

These clues reveal exactly where to dig for gold.

There is a way to "read" these gold clues that are scattered around every gold prospecting location... along the creek-side ... in the water … the type of rocks you find ... and even how big those rocks and cobbles are.

And until recently nearly all other prospectors in the history of gold mining have been totally clueless about these facts.

However: unless you have a college degree in geology and mineralogy and have rocks and water-flow for years - your odds of discovering these gold prospecting secrets for yourself are slim.

It can take years of trial and error to discover what all these natural indicators are… and how to read them for gold clues.

BUT: When you DO know what to look for ... you can pinpoint exactly find where gold is hiding! 

And there’s still plenty of gold to find. In fact…

80% Of The World’s Gold  Is Still In The Ground - Just Waiting To Be Found!

That's right, the old “49er miners” of past gold rushes were only able to recover the REALLY big stuff -- massive nuggets and only the richest “lode gold” from hard-rock mines.

Because their mining equipment was so poorly constructed, the gold miners of old left plenty of gold flakes and nuggets for modern-day prospectors to get plenty of gold for them selves.

On top of that, their “old technology” restricted their ability to access only the most profitable locations that modern-day mining equipment makes easily accessible.

Which means you can still find a lot of gold when you know where to look. 

I'm Prospector Jess, by the way,  and I’ve cracked the code to finding gold. And today...

 I’m Sharing ALL My Gold Prospecting Secrets!

Over the past decade I’ve trained thousands of gold hunters... from seasoned “old-timers” … to complete rookie prospectors…  and their ability to find gold improved in just a few hours of training!

Now they are going out and finding gold … in pan after pan … like candy from a baby.

What are they doing different?

They are applying the secrets I taught them. 

And today: you can get my gold prospecting secrets too!

In fact, I put all my best gold-finding knowledge into a simple step-by-step system that anyone can use to find gold.

I call it…

The 20/20 Gold
Prospecting Report

Everything you need to know to find placer gold is inside this simple, easy-to-read report. 

When you read this report, you’ll be able to “see” the natural indicators that point to gold - like having 20/20 gold-vision! 

The gold finding knowledge and systems in this report include my best kept secrets to locating and recovering placer gold.

These systems are easy to learn and use. And, they work regardless of your gold site's terrain.

The knowledge in this report has worked wonders for thousands of my students ... and it will work for you too.

Here's just a small portion of what you'll discover in the "20/20 Gold Prospecting" report:

  • What a ”speed map” is, why it points you to “gold paystreak
  •  How to make a speed map of your location so you identify gold “drop out” zones

  • What bedrock is ... and how to “read” the bedrock at any gold site to identify where the gold paystreaks formed during winter floods

  • What rocks, gravel, and sand are telling you about where gold is at prospection locations...

  • Why "rookies" are able to use my gold finding system to quickly surpass even the most seasoned prospectors...

  • How to “read” your gold site’s topology for gold clues, and how to use those clues to track down gold

  • A simple way to use gravity to discover where coarse gold and nuggets are hiding! (Traditional mining techniques are nothing compared to the prospecting systems you’re about to discover!)

  • And much, much more!

The prospecting methods you'll find inside my 20/20 Gold Prospecting Report will give you "20/20 gold vision" to see where gold is hiding.

And no one else teaches these methods, because:

1) most people are clueless they exist

2) Those who do know... selfishly keep it for themselves! 

And now, it's time for that to change...

Here’s Real PROOF That
My Methods Work:

"Thank you Prospector Jess. Watching your videos has helped me find more and larger flakes of gold in the same streams I have been panning micro gold for years.” 

- Laszlo

The gold finding knowledge and systems in this report include my best work. They are also the easiest to learn and use. And, they work regardless of your gold locations terrain. Rivers... streams... desert... rain forest... doesn't matter.

This report has worked wonders for thousands of my students ... and will work for you too.

Imagine... How You'll Feel When You Find More Gold!

Seeing the fruits of your labor, gleaming in the sunlight ... the weight of the gold in your hands...

Vials of gold full of flakes ... pickers ... and course gold...

Going home with nuggets in your pockets...

Hearing "good job!" ... "Impressive!" ... and "How did you find that!?" from your family and friends when you show them your new finds...

All found because of the new knowledge that you're about to discover in the 20/20 Gold Prospecting PDF Report.

Why It's Only $17

If you’re wondering why the  20/20 Gold Prospecting PDF report is so cheap, and if there’s a “catch” … it’s actually quite simple:

I want you to see how valuable this gold prospecting report really is for yourself. Download it, read it, and see how much value and actionable information is inside the report.

And while most people stick just with the knowledge they get in this prospecting report, some of my students choose to get additional training from me.

But for now, I just want to help you find gold. This truly is a “once in a blue moon” kind of deal and I want to make absolutely certain you take advantage of this incredibly low $17 price tag.

Your No-Risk 30 Day
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When you order the report, you get 30 full days to read it and decide for yourself whether or not you want a 100% “paid in full” refund. 

30 days is more than enough time to make an informed decision, as I’m sure you'll agree.

When you learn my gold prospecting secrets … you won’t have to come home empty-handed at the end of the day. You will find more gold once you know where to prospect.

If you decide my gold prospecting report was worth the 17 bucks you invested, great!

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Either way, I want you to have this gold prospecting knowledge.


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Good prospecting, 

Prospector Jess

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