Nature Did The Hard Work For You! Now, You Can...

Locate Gold Using Nature's Indicators

All you need to know is how rain and floods affect your gold prospecting location

In fact, you can predict where gold will be -- in streams, rivers, and desert terrain.

Yes, it is possible to “see” how the environment around you is shaped by water flow … and how water flow affects gold. 

Simply put, you’ll be able to “zero in” on where gold is at!

No guessing, and no digging in random places. Just go to where nature's gold indicators are pointing ... process the material you extract … and see the glow of yellow gold in your pan!

Gold Moves In Predictable Ways Obvious To The Trained Eye

In short order you’ll have clarity on where to dig and where not to. You’ll also have a far better chance of finding bigger gold, and more of it.

Hi, I'm Prospector Jess and based on years of experience I believe that, with a little practice, you can see the indicators that point to gold.

Advanced Gold Prospecting Secrets

It's possible to dig 3 feet from gold and not find a single flake. 

But when you discover the secrets I reveal in my "20/20 Gold Prospecting" PDF Report,  you can side-step years of hard-learned lessons!

Inside my gold prospecting report, you’ll discover:

  • What a ”speed map” is and how to make one.
  • How to identify the gold concentrating zones.
  • Why you need to be looking at rocks, gravel, and sand -- and what they are "saying" about where gold is.
  • What the shapes of rocks and topology tell you about gold.
  • How water plays a huge role in how and where gold moves. 
  • What gold clues may be hidden in plain sight.
  • How to spot gold “drop zones.”
  • How water flow concentrates gold, and what moves gold downstream more than water pressure.
  • How to identify “gold traps” that collect and concentrate gold.
  • How to walk up to a creek or river and quickly assess where the gold is, and more importantly ... where it won’t be.
  • Plus, much, much more…

After reading this Report… you even be able to teach your friends and family how to find gold too.

PROOF My Methods Work

"Thank you Prospector Jess. Watching your videos has helped me find more and larger flakes of gold in the same streams I have been panning micro gold for years.” Laszlo Soltesz

“Your awesome! You made understanding where these metal elements come from really simple to know.” Peter Katt

"Hi Prospector Jess, I really liked the videos outlining how to track a pay streak in the river curves. I am about one year into prospecting and this revelation really tweaked it in for me." Fran

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Again, I’m Prospector Jess and I’m incredibly excited for you to see what happens when you apply the training inside my “20/20 Gold Prospecting” PDF Report.