California Gold Prospector Reveals His Secret:


How To Find More Gold In One DAY… Than Most Prospectors
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By Prospector Jess

Want to find gold in your pan? And without spending countless hours… digging hole after hole… finding only specks of gold at best?

Even with the occasional flake, having to dig that much to find hardly any gold may even feel a little unfair. Seems like there should be an easier way, right?

In fact, there is!

Hey there, my name is Prospector Jess -- and I only had to go through an entire college education, years of trial and error in the field, and hard, back breaking work to finally

Discover The Secret To Finding Gold

...In a logical, systematic manner that makes it 10 TIMES EASIER to find gold than before!

You see, I’ve cracked the code to gold prospecting and can predict with uncanny accuracy where the gold is … whether river or desert terrain … without having to dig countless holes.

What if I told you … all you need is a basic understanding of how rain and floods affect your gold prospecting site … whether you’re prospecting for lode or placer gold?

And armed with just that knowledge you’re already better-equipped to find gold … because now you can begin to “see” how the environment around you is shaped by water flow … and how it affects where gold goes.

And the easiest way to do that is to

Look For High-Water Flood Indicators Before You Start Digging!

Now you can skip years of learning hard-earned lessons -- with the secrets found in my “20/20 Gold Prospecting” PDF Report!

You’ll discover:

  • What a ”speed map” is and how to make one.
  • How to identify the gold concentrating zones.
  • Why you need to be looking at rocks, gravel, and sand -- and what they are "saying" about where gold is.
  • What the shapes of rocks and topology tell you about gold.
  • How water plays a huge role in how and where gold moves. 
  • What gold clues may be hidden in plain sight.
  • How to spot gold “drop zones.”
  • How water flow concentrates gold, and what moves gold downstream more than water pressure.
  • How to identify “gold traps” that collect and concentrate gold.
  • How to walk up to a creek or river and quickly assess where the gold is, and more importantly ... where it won’t be.
  • Plus, much, much more…

Based on my years of prospecting experience I am convinced anyone can learn to identify where gold is located -- at any prospecting location!

See, you can be 3 feet from gold and not find a single flake.

But once you discover the secrets I reveal in my 20/20 Gold Prospecting PDF Report…

You’ll be able to “zero in” on where gold is at!

No guessing, and no digging at random anymore. Then all you do is this:

Simply dig where your gold indicators are pointing ... process the material you extract … and see the glow of yellow gold in your pan!

If you’re like most prospectors seeing that gold … the fruit of your labor … will ignite a feeling of true accomplishment that rivals anything else I’ve experienced.

Not to mention the expression on your friends faces when you show them the gold you’ve found! They may even ask where you found it… 

But us prospectors are slow to reveal our sources, right? And this gold is just the beginning!

Simply because...

Gold Moves In Predictable Ways Obvious To The Trained Eye

With my knowledge and help you’ll soon be able to see indicators of gold concentration … in short order you’ll have clarity on where to dig  and where not to. 

And when you simply put this knowledge to work for you … you’ll have a far better chance of finding bigger gold and more of it. 

Yes, you’ll quickly see how to cut out wasted digging and get to the gold over 10 TIMES FASTER!

Discover Advanced Gold Prospecting Secrets... Explained In Simple Layman's Terms!

Now anyone can increase how fast they find gold: Even from your very first panful!

You’ll find out how in the 20/20 Gold Prospecting Report. Discover the secrets to finding gold BEFORE you start digging at random.

After reading through this quick 15 minute report … written in classic Prospector Jess style … you’ll even be able to teach your friends and family how to find gold too.

Proof My Method WORKS

"Thank you Prospector Jess. Once again a very informative video. Watching your videos has helped me find more and larger flakes of gold in the same streams I have been panning micro gold for years.” Laszlo Soltesz

“Your awesome! You made understanding where these metal elements come from really simple to know.” Peter Katt

"Thank you Jess, I am a newbie exploring the creek behind me. You have helped a lot with the rock identification…" Carole Masson

“Great video series ... thanks for putting it together. I hadn't known about the Helical effect before ... learned something new." BCgold

“All my mining has been in Ohio mostly in glacial deposits and you nailed it perfectly.” Ken Jett

"Hi PJ Well, tomorrow came early! I was just about to close the page when I noticed a few more video's on this page and found the rest of the series. :-) Very happy with what I saw! Thank you very much. It's like Christmas..."Michael

“I bought a md20 and tested some chalcopyrite I found. Sent a sample to raygrimmer for an assay, it has gold silver and platinum in it. And everyone said it was just pyrite!” Bugs Wyatt

"Hi Prospector Jess, I really liked the videos outlining how to track a pay streak in the river curves. I am about one year into prospecting and this revelation really tweaked it in for me." Fran

"Hi Jess, Just got on your website. Saw one of your youtube videos. It's about time there were some videos out there with someone who knows what they're talking about. I've only been on the site for a few minutes but am enjoying it a lot. 

“Jess is so right on when it comes to sun screen or oil of any kind in the pan or on your hands. You won't believe how the small gold floats. I've been really impressed with Prospector Jess and his videos and have learned a great deal from him. Thank you” Len

“Once again thanks for all the help and videos Jess... Every time I watch your videos and /or postings they help tremendously in the mining process... I always find more gold after paying close attention and applying what I've learned.

“This is my second season and I've collected about a 1/4 ounce in about 18 hrs. worth of work. From knowing nothing to seeing beautiful color in my pan...mind you I'm using no more than a keene sluice and a blue pan..and the results are amazing...So please keep up the good work and thank you..." Scott

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After all, you’re about to discover:

  • Little known secrets of water flow that point you toward gold

  • “Gold Trap Secrets” that indicate where gold may have concentrated
  • How to create your own “Speed Maps” to know how far gold has traveled downstream
  • See where gold is with 20/20 clarity 
  • And much, much more ...

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After I learned what I know today, however… let’s just say things have changed.

Less carrying buckets of gold back and forth to the sluice box, less back pain from panning in ice cold water …

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Again, I’m Prospector Jess and I’m incredibly excited for you to see what happens ... when you apply what you learn in the “20/20 Gold Prospecting” PDF report.

P.S. I can’t wait to hear about your success. Thank you for your time, and good prospecting!