What does this art say about finding gold?

    What does this art say about finding gold?


    Take a look at this rough sketch post-it note I drew.

    (Yup, I’m Not Rembrandt)

    Let’s try a round of Pictionary with a twist; you know the game where you guess the message from this crude line drawing, OK?

    Question: What’s the message about finding gold in this picture?  Hint: The answer relates closely to what you’ll see in the next post.

    Here’s the twist – Here’s a few more clues then give your best answer to the question in the comments below this post.

    A few more clues –

    • There’s three different things shown in the picture.
    • What do you think they are?  Name them.
    • The three things are connected together by a common story.
    • What do you think that story is?
    • And finally how does this story relate to gold?
    Until next time,
    Prospector Jess